I'm leslye.

I’m leslye. The girl behind the camera. I truly love it there. I love capturing an otherwise fleeting moment and forever freezing it in time. I love the ability to document stories in a visual manner that will last for generations to come. From first breath to first dance, and all the moments in between. I'm a big fan of animals and landscapes, too. Nothing escapes my lens. I can truly get lost watching the world through the viewfinder because of all the beauty I discover there. Life is fleeting, and my ability to capture a moment in time, forever freezing it, is my own superpower. I like to think so, anyway.

And this is Blake.

The guy beside me in all things life and photography. He's my second shooter at weddings, my session assistant (let's be honest, he's there to play with the littles and keep them entertained), my soundboard when I have more ideas that I need to talk out so I can sort through them, and the guy who carries all the heavy things. He's also my handyman when I get another grand idea or project in mind. Don't let him lie to you, he loves his growing 'to-do' list.

We're a team.

I like to think we make a pretty great one. We're big fans of adventures. Big believers of experiences over things. Memories over materialistic.

We have two (not so) little humans that are filled with mischief and giggles. They're part of our team, too.

We live in a quaint little farmhouse surrounded by several acres that we filled with lots of animals that love attention. Our crazy little farm is filled with lots of laughter and a whole world of love.

Travel is a big love of ours as well. Discovering new places, trying new food, and learning new things. And meeting all the people!

In the summer, you can find us home in our camper by the water where kayaks and hammocks rule our days.

We really look forward to meeting you!

When I say we love what we do, I mean every word. We love meeting people, telling their story, and building a lasting relationship that goes far beyond a session. We would love to meet you and tell your story!